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Welcome to the colourful world of the liquid lava floor tile from Surfloor.

Babies and kids of all ages will love this innovative, fun playroom and kid’s bedroom flooring idea.

A new concept in kid’s room design, liquid lava floor tiles will fascinate and entertain your little ones.

Intensely colourful, the liquid gel moves and transforms under pressure from hands and feet.

It’s impossible to resist dancing and jumping about, all the time creating new shapes, bubbles and patterns.

These wonderful, colourful tiles can be seen and purchased at the Sensational Kids store near Kildare town. See for more details.

Liquid lava floor tiles put the fun into kid’s playroom and bedroom design. The tiles come in six fabulous colours and measure 500mm x 500mm.

Choose one colour or mix and match for a stunning and creative floor.

A Selection Box of 6 tiles contains one tile of each colour and is available at the on-line shop for €225 including delivery to anywhere in Ireland.

Individual tiles are available at €40 each here. The six colours available are:

This colourful yet tough and hygienic floor tile makes a super play area for a crèche or playschool. The tiles are made from a tough and durable plastic. They can be easily be cleaned thoroughly to the highest hygiene standards.

The liquid lava gel is totally encased and sealed within the tile. They have a rubber non-slip underside and can be laid on a wood, vinyl or carpeted floor. They can be lifted and replaced in seconds to transport the fun to any room!

The smaller liquid lava tile measures 300 x 300mm and make super fun interactive table mats and workstations for painting, dough and creative play. These mats are €20 each and are also available in the 6 vibrant colour mixes.

For that extra something special in your crèche or Playschool, your bedroom or playroom at home. Your kids are going to adore this innovative and fun flooring concept.

From crawling babies to dancing teens, everyone loves the super cool liquid lava tile from Surfloor.

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